Project Analysis & Benchmarking

Project Analysis & Benchmarking

Project Analysis & Benchmarking

Independent benchmarking of projects is vital to ensure the data being used to make critical business decisions is robust and unbiased.

Benchmarking takes two common forms:

  • Pre-investment cost and schedule benchmarking including due diligence reviews for financial investment purposes

  • Project performance benchmarking, to evaluate the cost and schedule performance of projects

To this end we have developed and maintain a benchmarking database for almost every component of the Oil and Gas industry from subsea wellheads to petrol filling stations. It contains project outturn data from hundreds of projects from the last forty years and covers everything from single well tie-backs to world scale mega projects.

With our systems we can quickly and accurately benchmark projects at every project phase and for every level, from the cost of an individual item in a project to the overall development cost.

The typical types of project analysis deliverables we provide to clients include the following:

Project Cost Analysis
Project Schedule Analysis
Lessons Learnt
Norms Preparation

We have also worked to complete data books containing cost and technical information on completed projects. This codifies all the knowledge and learning that went into the project, avoiding ‘brain drain’ as key people move onto other projects or perhaps leave the company.