Project Controls & Asset Management

Project Controls & Asset Management, showing ships

Project Controls

We believe that one of the most important factors in developing a successful project is to have an accurate budget and schedule at the start of the project and to continuously monitor progress against them. In order to do this the project must be broken down into significant elements such as process units. These significant elements should be further broken down into major components such as piping erection or instrument erection etc.

We have extensive experience in supporting clients with all aspects of their project controls. Services we have previously provided include the following:

Work Breakdown Structures
Cost Control Procedures
Cost Reporting Systems
Bid Reviews
Negotiation Assistance
Gate Review Process
Review of Contractor Claims
Independent Cost Forecasting
Independent Schedule Reviews
Cost Control and Reporting Procedure reviews
Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Conversion of Reimbursable Contracts to Lump Sum

Asset Management

We have previously provided clients with a wide range of assistance with their ongoing asset management. Examples of the services we have supplied include:

Operating Costs
Risk Identification and Mitigation
Asset Management Systems
Decommissioning Provisions
Asset Aquisition Analysis