Using the techniques, databases and tools that PCP have developed over more than 30 years, PCP are able to provide our clients with Insurance and financial valuations of their facilities on which they can have confidence.

Industrial complexes tend to evolve over time and capturing the rebuild cost of a site becomes more complex than a simple exercise of escalating construction costs. For example, a debottlenecking exercise may have a high CAPEX cost, but the replacement value of the site will not necessarily increase by the same amount. Our techniques capture this complexity and reflect the true replacement cost of the facility.

We have extensive experience in preparing valuations for clients from in a wide variety of fields around the world. We approach these valuations from a technical perspective using the latest construction cost data, to reflect the unique configuration of the facility. We routinely prepare the following types of industry recognised valuations:

Replacement as New (RAN) Valuations
‘Fair-Market’ Valuations
Modern Equivalent Asset Valuations (MEAV)

For each of these types of valuation it is possible to use two main types of valuation technique or a combination of them both:

Graphic of our valuation technique

Each type of valuation has their own advantages. For example, a high-level valuation can be developed quickly from limited technical information. By comparison a detailed valuation will take longer to produce, requiring more inputs, and typically involving a site survey to achieve a greater degree of accuracy.